Guided Walk

There will be a guided walk on January 6th, at noon. Our guide will be Monte Pearson. We will hide out looking for deer:

Bouldering in the Landlocked Forest

landlocked forest boulder

The Mountain Project notes that there are two glacial erratic boulders in the Landlocked Forest that make for good bouldering practice. They have a map to find the two boulders and all sorts of other nifty information. Here is their description: This area is typically used for mountain biking and dog walkers, but there are […]

2023 Deer Hunting Season

whitetail deer

The Town of Burlington Recreation Department has announced the timing and requirements for the 2023 Deer Hunting Season, which is limited to bow hunting: Contact: John KeeleyBurlington Conservation DepartmentTel: (781) 270-1655 *** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE *** 2023 Bow Hunting season at the Burlington Landlocked Forest The Town of Burlington will hold an archery season for […]

Trailforks Gives Landlocked Good Review

trailforks - landlocked forest

Trailforks, the national mountain biking website site, give The Landlocked Forest a very positive review, stating: The Burlington Landlocked Forest is beautiful open space of forest land and meadows surrounded by suburbia, highways and malls. It’s a gem worth preserving and the Friends of the Landlocked Forest are working hard to preserve it. Please treat […]