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Burlington Landlocked Forest





The Landlocked Forest will one day be an important link in a greenway that will connect Burlington to the Minuteman Bikeway and Minuteman National Park and provide a non-motorized path connecting Lexington, Waltham, Lincoln, Belmont and beyond through a networks of trails. This project, called the West Lexington Greenway, has momentum in the neighboring town of Lexington, and could extend north into Burlington through the Forest. 

Suburban sprawl, congestion, carbon emissions, and unfettered development are problems that are not going away soon, and green space is becoming increasingly endangered.  However, if we can unlock the Landlocked Forest and preserve it forever, we will be saving one of Burlington’s important legacies for our children and children’s children. 

Do the right thing: don’t destroy one of Burlington’s only remaining large forests.  Keep it for the enjoyment of the generations to come.



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Friends of the Burlington Landlocked Forest is a volunteer organization concerned with the preservation of 250 acres of land owned by the Town of Burlington and located between Routes 62, 3 and 128 in Burlington, Massachusetts